Let him who is convinced that his views are true and right express them . . . at every opportunity . . . without considering how much support or how much opposition he will encounter. Only falsehood is in need of many supporters in order to win the day; falsehood must have the authority of numbers to make up for what it lacks in justification. Truth, by contrast, will always prevail, even if it takes time. Noble, courageous and pure, expressed with all the fiery zeal and conviction and with all clarity of sure awareness, stated again and again at every opportunity, truth will ultimately gain respect and admiration even of those who do not accept it. The only truth that can be lost beyond recall is that truth whose adherents no longer have the courage to speak up candidly on its behalf. Truth has never gone down in defeat as the result of opposition, it has done so only when its friends are too weak to defend it. - R' S.R. Hirsch

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Assimilation for Dummies

As Multiple White House Lies About the Iran Deal Emerge, the Regime Unleashes Bigoted Attacks on Chuck Schumer

"Senator Chuck Schumer is getting a taste of his own tactics. I mean, he's not a stranger to these tactics. He has used them himself. I just find it fascinating he's on the receiving end of them now. And, by the way, other Jewish members of Congress are also getting to one degree or another the same kind of treatment as Chuck-U Schumer is getting from the administration, from the Regime. Basically the attacks are all, "He's not a loyal American! He's a Jew first! He's an Israeli Jew and he's supporting the Jewish lobby." It's despicable. It really is." - Rush Limbaugh

What a surprise!  I am no prophet nor the son of a prophet, but I have been talking about this for years.  Expect more of the same in the days and months ahead.  Even a casual student of history should not be too surprised.  The so-called "Emancipation" of the Jews began in earnest in the early nineteenth century in Germany with the ascendancy of the so-called "Reform" movement and we haven't recovered since.

When will we learn how futile it is to cozy up to the nations, especially through the abandonment of the Torah and mitzvot, as the animosity of the nations is only increasing daily?  It is an incontrovertible fact of history that wherever Jews have declared themselves ready to exchange Torah-observance for "freedom and social justice," in the vain hope of achieving "equality" with and acceptance by the nations, they have inevitably waited in vain for the blessings of a "better time."

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch wrote in 1860: "Enmity and oppression continue, not because we are too Jewish and too committed to Judaism, but because we meet our Jewish obligations deficiently, indifferently, and frivolously."  In R' Hirsch's 19th century Germany, the states tried as much as possible to blur ethnic distinctions, and to bring about the disappearance of the Jewish people as a distinct national entity.  In concert with this trend, the Reformers deliberately downplayed any national bond, choosing instead to reinvent themselves as "Germans of the Mosaic Faith."  The preference was not merely philosophical in nature, but largely informed their outlook on issues pertaining to the relationship of Jew and Gentile.

Foolishly, the Jew thinks that by changing his name and assimilating himself into oblivion that this will be his salvation when the nations become agitated.  As Chuck Schumer and others are perhaps just beginning to discover, their assimilation and abandonment of Torah-mitzvot will inexorably lead to their eventual downfall.  When the state extends "freedom" to Jews, elevates them, and draws them close, the entire objective of the Jew must now be to become friendly with the powers-that-be and tread carefully in their [i.e. the state's] ways, while renouncing their true calling as Jews.

What our people have so often forgotten is that that we are required to live in accordance with the Torah in whatever conditions we find ourselves in.  We forget that the eternal lessons of the Torah are not connected with nor limited to any specific form of life in exile.  In other words, just as a Jew must be prepared to serve G-d by seizing upon any opportunities afforded to him by society to accomplish the mission G-d has given him in this world, so too he must serve G-d and fulfill his mission under any adverse conditions he may encounter among the nations to which he has been exiled.

And our mission is to bring about the revelation of G-d which can only be accomplished through the fulfillment of the Torah:

If the dispersed of Israel were quietly to flourish as the priests of G-d and true humanity, . . . if only we lived up to what we are supposed to be, if only our lives were a perfect reflection of the Torah, what a mighty force this would be for reaching the ultimate goal of all human education!  During the years of misery and contempt, our ideal could be attained only imperfectly; but when milder times beckon us towards our goal - that every Jew and Jewess, through the example they provide in their own lives, should become priests of G-d and of genuine humanity - and this ideal and mission await us, can we still deplore our fate . . .? (R' S.R. Hirsch)

Chuck Schumer and his ilk worship any means to a comfortable life, which means a life that is free from the yoke of their calling; worship which, at the end of the day, only serves to engender renewed persecution and a deepening of the exile.  G-d will bring the exile to an end, one way or another, of that we can be certain.  But a good part of the blame can be fairly placed squarely on the shoulders of Chuck Schumer and others when oppressors stand ready to place the chains of Egypt on Israel once again.  Through their exaggerated glorification of assimilation, emancipation, and social justice they, rather than seeking the welfare of all the nations to which they have been scattered, will be found guilty of precipitating the ancient animosity of the nations instead.

Non-observance and assimilation are anything but a cure for the anti-Semitism which is so-often lamented in various parts of the world.  Far from being the cure, assimilation is really the cause.  The persecution of the Jews that is coming will not spare the Chuck Schumer's of the world and those who have labored so assiduously to live non-Jewish lives.  I am convinced that the only result of deviating from a life that is seriously committed to Torah observance and mitzvot, while embracing assimilation will only be continued suffering, persecution, and hatred, which is precisely what is guaranteed by the Torah and the Prophets in exchange for our stubborn insistence on rebelling against the Divine imperative.

What is despicable is not so much the way Chuck Schumer is being treated, (in fact, this is to be expected) but why he is being treated this way.  It is our rebellion and obsession to imitate the abhorrent practices of the nations around us which got us kicked out of our land in the first place.  What do we expect when we perpetuate more of the same everywhere else in the world?

What is remarkable, is that Hashem will use the subsequent persecution, of which we ourselves may be the authors, to cause many of us to return to the land where the Scriptures say He will remove our heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh to love Him and serve Him as we have been called to do.  G-d will have His way, draw us back to Himself, and not abandon His inheritance despite our best efforts to forfeit and forsake that gift which He has so graciously bestowed (cf. Psalm 94). 

In the meantime, we would do well to remember the example of Joseph, Daniel, Mordechai, Esther, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, and others who all remained committed and faithful to the Divine imperative and were rewarded accordingly.  We should also remember that our reward may not entail being elevated to the highest political office in the land, but rather being afforded the greatest opportunity anyone can hope to enjoy in this world: al kiddush Hashem, sanctification of the Name.

Even if Chuck Schumer refuses to acknowledge it, disputes it, despises it, or downplays it, G-d will see to it that even the world, yes, even the very nation, whose interests he believes he has so dutifully served and is even now trying to serve, will remind him, one way or another, that "He's a Jew first."  

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  1. It seems to me that Judaism is the only religion that is specifically tied to a nationality and a defined land mass. Anything short of 100% acceptance of that fact and 100% adherence to the entire doctrine of God's special people in God's special land is short selling what a Jew claims to believe.

    As long as a person claims to be a Jew, ethnically and religiously his national commitment to his adopted land is going to be in question. Either abandon the pretense of Judaism or move to Israel. Otherwise participation in the internal affairs of other national groups will rightly be viewed with skepticism.

    Yes I'm aware of a handful of Jews who did a great deal of good for their adopted nation on the political front like Disraeli. For every Disraeli there is at least one George Soros.